Yandex.Browser for Windows

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Simple interface, personalization options, and safe browsing

Yandex.Browser is a free, fast, and secure web browser developed by Yandex. The program has been designed with a focus on simplicity, setting it apart from competing browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and UC Browser. While the software has been developed on Chromium, it comes with some advanced features. For instance, the address and search bar are combined and blend in perfectly with the overall layout. The application runs fast on multiple versions of the Windows operating system.

Yandex.Browser comes with a dedicated drop-down panel, which gives recommendations for websites. The system takes into account your ‘favorites’ and most frequently visited websites. You can even personalize the list within a few clicks. When you type in the internet browser’s search bar, it gives options for four different search engines. The program lets you access a range of Yandex services, including the search service and your Yandex email account.

A reliable Chromium-based internet browser

Like other options available online, the Yandex download is free. The program has been developed by Yandex Web Search, which is a Russian Corporation. The application uses the Blink web engine, which thoroughly checks webpage security and downloaded files with Kaspersky antivirus. In addition to this, the app uses Opera Turbo, which speeds up web page loading on slow connections.

The web browser is available for multiple operating systems, including iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. Since 2014, the development team has released various updates for Linux and Windows. When it comes to web search, Yandex has faced tough competition from Google and Bing. 

A few years ago, Yandex tied up with Mozilla Firefox, another popular web browser, to replace the default Google search engine with Yandex search. With constant updates, the attempt to build a solid community, and regular features, the Yandex browser has tried to dominate the search as well as the browsing market.

What are the features?

Considering ease-of-use and features, Yandex Internet Browser feels like an amazing program. It comes with everything you’d expect from a new-age browsing application. Moreover, the tool offers automatic translation to multiple languages. It features an intuitive and interactive ‘Smartbox’ or ‘Awesome Bar’, equivalent to Google Chrome’s search function.

The Yandex download also comes with Tableau, which is like a dial screen to access your most frequently used apps. As mentioned earlier, the Opera Turbo technology ensures fast page loading and gives respite from connection drops in remote areas. It also has built-in Kaspersky antivirus Cloud scanner, which keeps your surfing experience private and secure.

The program’s interface is based on an interactive tile scheme, which looks more pleasing than other web browsers. However, it can be tricky to open a blank tab. Fortunately, it’s easy to access your ‘favorites’. Moreover, you can remove and add tiles with an action quite similar to Windows 8. You can also add new sites to the tiles as per your preferences.

The default search is a welcome surprise. While Yandex used to redirect users to a Russian-language search page, it has used the auto-translation feature for a major benefit. In the latest version of the program, users can directly access Yandex search from within the browser interface to quickly access results in English. 

How’s the ‘Settings’ menu?

Since the web browser is based on Chromium, you’ll find it difficult to differentiate between Google Chrome and Yandex. In fact, the ‘Settings’ menu looks identical, including certain advanced details. Instead of the right-hand side of the address bar, like in Chrome, you'll notice the system settings cogwheel in the windows border. That’s pretty much the only difference between the two programs.

As mentioned earlier, the Russian Corporation developed the browser, placing Russian as a language on default. Since it’s available for multiple operating systems in numerous countries, the ‘Settings’ menu gives quick access to language, customer support, translations, etc.

While using Yandex.Browser, you can download and install various Chrome extensions, which can add more functionalities to the program. Like other web browsers, Yandex can also import bookmarks, history, cookies, passwords, and other information to ensure a seamless transition. However, you should back up your data before moving to Yandex Browser from another software.

Is Yandex.Browser secure?

The Yandex web browser comes with several security features, including DNSCrypt, DNS spoofing protection, and auto HTTPS support. On unsecure networks, the program automatically runs scans to secure your browsing experience. Having said that, there have been some privacy concerns about the program. In the past, users have been concerned about Yandex collecting search queries. Developers have been reported to send this data to the main Yandex servers in Russia for in-depth analysis.

It’s worth mentioning that Yandex.Browser isn’t an open-source project. Users can't see the program’s source code as a result. This makes it impossible to check what is going on behind the scenes. According to some users, Yandex takes all the required permissions to collect comprehensive data. It can also share this data with authorities if the need arises. The flip side is that almost every browser does the same, and most users don’t have any major concerns about apps tracking their search history.

A fast, hassle-free web browser for Windows

Yandex Browser comes with all the functionalities available in popular internet browsers. The program is convenient, fast, and relatively secure. A major advantage is that the tool has some advanced features, which have been the main reason for users to switch to this app. For instance, existing users of Yandex services find the program useful for conveniently accessing their accounts. 

Yandex Browser has been designed on Chromium, and as such, seems quite familiar. Once you launch the program, you’ll notice the same Chrome-like interface. Since it’s a lightweight application, it doesn’t need heavy system resources and runs smoothly on all kinds of PCs.

Smart yet simple browser for all devices

Yandex.Browser is a simple and easy-to-use internet browser. Its clutter-free interface gives you plenty of space for viewing webpages. The minimalist design allows you to focus on more important things.

Yandex.Browser can translate both individual words and entire webpages to and from English, French, German, Ukrainian, Turkish and a number of other languages.

Yandex.Browser will help you quickly call numbers found on the internet. Just one click on the number on the site and Yandex.Browser for mobile phones will dial it on your smartphone.

Use Yandex.Browser on any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Your bookmarks and Tableau are available everywhere and load automatically after logging into the browser.

- Push to Call

- Yandex own system scans millions of websites every day. Yandex.Browser will warn you if you try to visit a harmful site. Every file you download will also be scanned for viruses by Kaspersky.

- Custom backgrounds

- ...


  • Suggests websites in a drop-down panel
  • Based on Chromium platform
  • Supports a range of Yandex services
  • Comes with a simple interface


  • Limited theme options

Older versions

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Yandex.Browser for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 21.3.2
  • 3.8
  • (510)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Yandex.Browser

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    very fast! google chrome is better though. please update chromium version.
    Pros: speed

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Not bad..
    It is a decent alternative to Google Chrome but there are a number of issues that do bother me. I wished that the user interface was b More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    update problem.
    Quick heal Antivirus break the update process of yandex browser say"s it is malicious....why ????

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    pdf included!.
    Yandex Browser is excellent and pdf is included!pdf is included!
    Pros: pdf is included!
    Cons: bookmarks bar

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Convinient and safe.
    I can use browser on any computer and smartphone with saving my settings. Browser warns me about harmful sites, SMS fraud a More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Great browser.
    Fastest web surfing with turbo mode. Fresh and enjoyable browser experience. 10 stars!


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